Tai-Chieh Wu

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Moderately repetitive DNA sequences are found in the genomes of all eucaryotes that have been examined. We now report the discovery of a novel, transcribed, moderately repetitive DNA sequence in a higher plant which is different from any of the known repetitive DNA sequences from any organism. We isolated a rice cDNA clone which hybridizes to multiple bands(More)
This paper describes the characterization and chromosomal distribution of three different rice (Oryza sativa) repetitive DNA sequences. The three sequences were characterized by sequence analysis, which gave 355, 498 and 756 bp for the length of the repeat unit in Os48, OsG3-498 and OsG5-756, respectively. Copy number determination by quantitative DNA(More)
BACKGROUND This study is to investigate the significance and risk factors of fecal toxigenic (tCdC) or non-toxigenic Clostridium difficile colonization (ntCdC) among hospitalized patients. METHODS Adults admitted to medical wards in a district hospital between January 2011 and June 2012 were enrolled, and those with a history of colectomy, C. difficile(More)
Robot-assisted therapy (RT) and constraint-induced therapy (CIT) both show great promise to improve stroke rehabilitation outcomes. Although the respective treatment efficacy of RT and CIT has been validated, the additive effects of RT combined with CIT remain unknown. This study investigated the treatment effects of RT in sequential combination with a(More)
Clostridium sp. strain Ade.TY is potentially a new biohydrogen-producing species isolated from landfill leachate sludge. Here we present the assembly and annotation of its genome, which may provide further insights into its gene interactions for efficient biohydrogen production.
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