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In this paper, we report results on an original way to excite surface waves on a single-wire transmission line. Although these waves were proposed many decades ago by Goubau, the novelty of our structures is to achieve a broadband planar excitement. This configuration is very well suited for the terahertz frequency range and allows the investigation of(More)
We design and demonstrate a flexible, ultrathin and double-sided metamaterial perfect absorber (MPA) at 2.39 terahertz (THz), which enables excellent light absorbance under incidences from two opposite sides. Herein, the MPA is fabricated on a λ0/10.1-thick flexible polyethylene terephthalate substrate of εr = 2.75 × (1 + 0.12i), sandwiched by two identical(More)
This paper demonstrates a method for enhancing the performance of recently introduced compact bandpass filters for terahertz surface waves on single wire waveguides, the so-called planar Goubau lines (PGLs). It is firstly shown numerically and validated experimentally that a gapped PGL loaded with a pair of split ring resonators (SRRs) acts as a bandpass(More)
A review is provided of sources and detectors that can be employed in the THz range before the description of an opto-electronic source of monochromatic THz radiation. The realized spectrometer has been applied to gas phase spectroscopy. Air-broadening coefficients of HCN are determined and the insensitivity of this technique to aerosols is demonstrated by(More)
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