Tahrizi Andana

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A series of ceria nanocatalysts have been prepared to study the structure dependency of the CO oxidation reaction. The ceria samples with well-defined nanostructures (nanocubes/Ce-NC and nanorods/Ce-NR) have been prepared using the hydrothermal method. Mesoporous ceria (Ce-MES) and ceria synthesized with solution combustion technique (Ce-SCS) have also been(More)
A set of ceria, ceria-zirconia (Ce 80 at.%, Zr 20 at.%), ceria-praseodymia (Ce 80 at.%, Pr 20 at.%) and ceria-zirconia-praseodymia (Ce 80 at.%, Zr 10 at.% and Pr 10 at.%) catalysts has been prepared by the solution combustion synthesis (SCS). The effects of Zr and Pr as dopants on ceria have been studied in CO and soot oxidation reactions. All the prepared(More)
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