Tahmineh Farajkhoda

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BACKGROUND There are many reasons why some couples do not become parents. Some are infertile, some do not want kids, children can be in a social context unacceptable and for others different life goals are more important. OBJECTIVE This study was designed to determine barriers of child adoption in infertile couples in Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS This(More)
BACKGROUND The appropriate choice of a contraceptive method has been a major issue in reproductive health research. Cu T intrauterine device (Cu T IUD) has been introduced as one of the most effective contraceptive methods in the world, however, the relationship between prior use of Cu T IUD and secondary infertility has not been evaluated in Iran. To(More)
BACKGROUND Spontaneous preterm labor is one of the common obstetrics problems causing several physical, psychological and economical outcomes. Although due to these outcomes and the efficacy of cares for decreasing them, preterm labor screening is cost-effective and it is still one of the challenging issues in obstetrics. OBJECTIVE In this study preterm(More)
BACKGROUND Primary dysmenorrhea refers to the occurrence of painful menstrual cramps of uterus and is considered as a gynecological complaint. The common treatment for this problem is medical therapy such as mefenamic acid [non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)] and oral contraceptive pills, both of which work by reducing myometrial activity.(More)
Conducting research on the stem cell lines might bring some worthy good to public. Human Stem Cells (hSCs) research has provided opportunities for scientific progresses and new therapies, but some complex ethical matters should be noticed to ensure that stem cell research is carried out in an ethically appropriate manner. The aim of this review article is(More)
BACKGROUND Research in reproductive health (RH) has been located in the core of women's health research. Providing accurate information through conducting scientific and controlled research is essential, but increased number of research in the world especially in developing countries in RH area in order to introduce advanced technologies has been resulted(More)
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