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BACKGROUND Tuberculosis remains world's leading cause of death from a single infectious agent. Fluorescence microscopy offers well-described benefits, comparing with brightfield microscopy, for the evaluation sputum smear samples for tuberculosis. We evaluated the diagnostic performance of fluorescence microscopy, using novel Light Emitting Diode (LED)(More)
It is estimated that the incidence of new infections in developing countries, cervical cancer is often the most common cancer in women and may constitute up to 25% of all female cancers1. Cervical cancer which is caused by human papillomaviruses (HPVs) are small, nonenveloped viruses of about 55 nm in diameter containing the viral genome as circular double(More)
Iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) and beta thalassaemia trait (BTT) are the most common causes of microcytic hypochromic anaemias. Several discrimination indices have been introduced to discriminate quickly these similar entities via parameters obtained from automated cell counter. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the value of five discrimination(More)
Immature reticulocyte fraction a new routine parameter in the hematology analyzer can give the idea of the earliest morphologic change of bone marrow recovery before other test become positive after chemotherapy. A prospective observational study was carried out in the Department of Clinical Pathology in collaboration with Paediatric Haematology and(More)
Iron deficiency anemia is the common problem during pregnancy. Detection of iron deficiency early during pregnancy can reduce maternal and child mortality and morbidity. Red cell distribution width is a new routine parameter in fully automated hematology analyzer that can give the idea of early iron deficiency before other test. It gives the idea of red(More)
Iron deficiency anemia is common problem during pregnancy. Red cell size variation (anisocytosis) is the earliest morphologic changes in iron deficiency anemia. Red cell distribution width is a quantitative measure of red cell size variation and it can give the idea of early iron deficiency before other test to become positive. 190 pregnant women were(More)
Several serum tumour markers have been described for gastric cancer. Preoperative level of tumor marker helps to predict the diagnosis of gastric carcinoma. CA72-4 as a serum tumour marker for gastric cancer is evaluated, and compared its utility in this regard with that of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA). Analysis of gastric carcinoma by serum levels of CEA(More)
We present a novel scheme to extract a multiscale state space network (SSN) from single-molecule time series. The multiscale SSN is a type of hidden Markov model that takes into account both multiple states buried in the measurement and memory effects in the process of the observable whenever they exist. Most biological systems function in a nonstationary(More)
Postoperative hypocalcaemia is the most frequent and common complication after total thyroidectomy. It is necessary to diagnose or to predict hypocalcaemia immediately after total thyroidectomy for minimizing complications. A prospective observational study was carried out in the Department of Clinical Pathology in collaboration with Department of(More)
The morphology of red cells by phase-contrast microscopy (PCM) is a useful diagnostic marker for glomerular haematuria. This study evaluated the value of urinary dysmorphic red cells and G1 cells (special type of dysmorphic red cell) count by PCM providing a simple, cost effective and low risk technique in the diagnosis of glomerular diseases. Urine samples(More)