Tahir Shafi Khan

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BACKGROUND Approximately a third of all fractures in children occur at the wrist, usually from falling onto an outstretched hand. OBJECTIVES We aimed to evaluate removable splintage versus plaster casts (requiring removal by a specialist) for undisplaced compression (buckle) fractures; cast length and position; and the role of surgical fixation for(More)
A ganglion is a cystic swelling that usually arises close to tendons or joints. Its occurrence inside a joint is rare, and its diagnosis is usually incidental during magnetic resonance imaging or arthroscopy. It may be painful or asymptomatic. Some patients may have a trauma history. Ganglia may mimic intra-articular lesions like tears of the anterior(More)
INTRODUCTION Four weeks after the earthquake in Kashmir, Pakistan, multidisciplinary surgical teams were organized within the United Kingdom to help treat disaster victims who had been transferred to Rawalpindi. The work of these teams between 05-17 November 2005 is reviewed, and experiences and lessons learned are presented. METHODS Two self-sufficient(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether the simultaneous measurement of tissue pH, Pco2, and Po2 with a multiple-parameter fiberoptic sensor can be used to indicate the onset of hepatic dysoxia, to determine critical values, and to assess their use in predicting negative outcomes. DESIGN Prospective animal study. SETTING University research laboratory. (More)
The direct lateral approach to the hip is one of the most commonly used surgical approaches for hip arthroplasty. The inferior division of the superior gluteal nerve (SGN) is the main nerve supply to the abductor muscles of the hip and may be damaged during this approach. The exact incidence of permanent damage to the SGN is not known. The present study is(More)
Until recently, many gait studies explored potential gait alteration due to various disorders in the gait lab and using camera based systems and force platforms. However, these strategies may not replicate normal outdoor walking. Using this equipment, it is more difficult to measure the variability of walking which is important for maintaining balance and(More)
Metal-on-metal bearings for total hip replacement (THR) are becoming increasingly popular. Improved wear characteristics mean that these articulations are being inserted into younger patients in the form of THR and resurfacing procedures. This has led to concerns regarding potential carcinogenicity because of the increased exposure to metal ions that the(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the architectural alterations of skeletal muscle following hemiplegic cerebral palsy. If associated with functional and clinical measures of disability, information on muscle architecture could then be used as an objective tool in the assessment of motor disability in these patients. METHODS(More)
Jejunal pseudo-diverticulosis is a rare acquired herniation of the mucosa and submucosa through weakened areas of the muscularis mucosa of the mesenteric aspect of the bowel. They are asymptomatic in the majority of cases; however, they can present with a wide spectrum of non-specific symptoms such as chronic abdominal discomfort, postprandial flatulence,(More)
BACKGROUND People from British South Asian communities have an increased risk of mortality from coronary heart disease (CHD). Doxazosin, a selective alpha(1)-adrenergic blocker, in addition to lowering blood pressure, has been shown to have positive effects on glucose metabolism and lipid profiles in patients with hypertension. AIM We studied doxazosin(More)