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Twenty fresh cadaveric elbows were used to evaluate the proximity of neurovascular structures to the six arthroscopic portals of the elbow at different positions. After distention of the joint, 4-mm Steinmann pins were introduced into the elbow from the portal's entry points. After surgical dissection, the proximity of the neurovascular structures to the(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical decision-making was reevaluated by comparison with an algorithm designed to analyze treatment of hallux valgus deformities. MATERIALS AND METHODS A modified McBride procedure was performed on 52 feet of 35 patients with hallux valgus deformity. From this series, 36 feet of 21 patients were evaluated preoperatively, early(More)
Recent theories about migraine pathogenesis have emphatized the role of the trigeminal system in the pathogenesis of migraine attacks. The local vasodilatation of intracranial extracerebral blood vessels and the consequent stimulation of surrounding trigeminal sensory nerve pain pathways are proposed to be the key mechanisms underlying the generation of(More)
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