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OBJECTIVE To assess the predictive ability of leukocyte subtypes for mortality in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS). METHODS One hundred and thirty three consecutive patients of ACS wer assessed in the study and were followed up for one year. Diagnosis was based on clinical characteristics and the laboratory data. The total leukocytes and its(More)
Purpose: To evaluate the pharmacokinetics of nifedipine in healthy adult Pakistani subjects. Methods: Each of six fasting volunteers received 20 mg nifedipine (2 x Adalat ® 10 mg capsules) orally once and then another one week later. Their blood samples were obtained at regular time intervals and analysed by HPLC. Using the non-compartmental approach,(More)
1 The Iowa Persian Gulf Study Group. Self-reported illnesses and health status among Gulf war veterans. A population based study. JAMA 1997;277:238-45. 2 Kang H, Mahan C, Lee K, Magee C, Murphy F. Illnesses among United States veterans of the Gulf war: a population-based survey of 30,000 veterans. J Occup Environ Med 2000;42:491-501. 3 Gray G, Smith T, Kang(More)
The appearance of red blood cells in the urine may be the result of disease of any segment of the urinary tract. To determine whether there might be a distinguishing characteristic of the urinary red cells which appear during glomerular disease but is absent in other urinary tract diseases, the mean corpuscular volumes (MCV) of urinary and blood(More)
A 65 years patient presented with left ear swelling, swelling of the nasal bridge with congestion of the eyes. Clinically there was evidence of left auricular chondritis, nasal chondritis and conjunctivitis with a history of multiple similar episodes in the past, features suggestive of relapsing polychondritis. The patient improved with oral prednisolone.
A 25-year old male presented with a 3 year history of recurrent spontaneously remitting swelling of any of his limbs and appearance of painful cord-like structures over different areas of the swollen limbs which would also resolve spontaneously. The patient also complained of pain in his lower limbs upon walking which had increased in severity over past one(More)
The effect of water deprivation on the physiologic, biochemical, and disposition parameters of erythromycin was investigated in rabbits. The packed cell volume, plasma glucose, and total lipid concentration increased significantly in dehydration. The pharmacokinetic parameters of erythromycin after intravenous administration also changed, suggesting a need(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy, safety of cefaclor for the treatment of pharyngotonsillitis in Pakistani children. METHOD Pakistani children between the ages of two to twelve years and diagnosed with pharyngotonsillitis were eligible to participate in the study. Cefaclor was administered three times daily for a total dose of 20-40 mg/kg/day, depending(More)
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