Tahir M. Nisar

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A retail franchisor needs growth capital so that the brand continues to grow and franchisor–franchisee relations remain strong. However, access to corporate liquidity to fund such franchise growth options is not unlimited. A method of raising finance particularly suited to retail franchisors is intellectual property (IP) securitization that allows companies(More)
the paper investigates the impact of flexitime programs in Britain using a linked dataset of employers and employees. organizations adopt this practice for a variety of reasons, ranging from the concern for widening the scope for employee choice to the need to comply with public regulations. recent public regulations are based on the premise that a rigid(More)
In a purchase funnel, a consumer may interact with an assortment of ad platforms ranging from display ads, paid search and organic search to social media and email. In this study, we consider attribution models that can be applied to assign sales credit to these and other online channels. Using an online firm's conversion data, we investigate the commonly(More)
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