Tahia B. Mostafa

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Some compounds selected from the isatin derivatives and their metalleted products were used to study their molluscicidal effect on Biomphalaria alexandrina. The results indicated that some of these compounds showed good results and seem to be promising molluscicides.
A new monomer, m-keto acetyl naphthalene acrylic acid (KANAc) was synthesized from reactants of maleic anhydride and 1-acetyl naphthalene. This monomer was polymerized by exposure to γ-rays 60Co. The effects of dose, dose rate, monomer concentration, and temperature on polymerization yield have been investigated. KANAc and its poly(KANAc) were characterized(More)
Carboxymethyl chitosan (CMCS) was synthesized by alkylation of chitosan using monochloroacetic acid and characterized by FTIR and (1)H-NMR spectroscopies. Different molecular weights (Mws) of CMCS were prepared by radiation degradation of CMCS in the solution form at different irradiation doses. The structural changes and Mw of degraded CMCS were confirmed(More)
This paper presents some results concerning the immobilization through chemical bonds of some biologically active compounds on the maleic anhydridemethyl methacrylate) copolymer. The high reactivity of the anhydride cycle of the polymer has allowed us to obtain conjugates in which the biologically active compounds of some heterocyclic compounds are(More)
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