Tahereh Hosseinzadeh Nik

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Recently, the beta function has been shown to be an accurate mathematical model of the human dental arch. In this research, we tried to find the equation of a curve that would be similar to the generalized beta function curve and at the same time could represent tapered, ovoid, and square dental arches. A total of 23 sets of naturally well-aligned Class I(More)
INTRODUCTION The objectives of this study were to compare the debonding strengths of 1 metal and 2 types of ceramic orthodontic brackets with different retention mechanisms bonded to enamel and to determine the risk of enamel damage after debonding. METHODS In this interventional in-vitro study, 36 maxillary premolars were divided into 3 groups. Three(More)
The biological mechanisms of tooth movement are based on the response of periodontal tissues to mechanical forces. The final result of these responses is remodeling of the extracellular matrix. Tissue reactions may vary depending upon the type, magnitude and duration of the applied forces. The purpose of the present study was to analyze the effects of(More)
OBJECTIVES Cephalometry and its related analyses have an important role in the evaluation of orthodontic patients. Access to an analysis that gives maximum information in the least possible time is an effective way to indicate craniofacial disharmony; therefore, craniofacial templates are very useful tools. The purpose of the present study was to provide(More)
INTRODUCTION This investigation aimed to assess and compare the amount of residual monomer (RM) released from removable orthodontic appliances constructed by sprinkle-on and dough techniques. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred and twenty acrylic samples were prepared from orthodontic autopolymerized acrylic resins and divided into three groups, according(More)
Templates are very useful tools for diagnosis of malocclusions. A number of templates have been provided for some populations in previous years. Since craniofacial characteristics of different ethnic groups are not the same, each population needs its own norms. The aim of this study was to provide orthodontic craniofacial templates for 8-16 year old Iranian(More)
INTRODUCTION Long-term average spectrum (LTAS) allows quantifying the voice quality and provides an overview of the mean spectral characteristics of a voice. The aims of this study were to survey normal spectral characteristics of Persian and investigate sex-related changes in the source characteristics of dynamic speech using LTAS. METHOD Speech samples(More)
OBJECTIVE Tramadol is a synthetic analgesic of opioids which has more flexible mechanisms of action than typical opioids. Since it has been reported in previous study that typical opioids like morphine can affect the bone homeostasis, it is worthwhile to examine the effects of tramadol on tooth movement. In this study we investigated effects of tramadol on(More)
Treatment of children with long face and with Class III malocclusions is difficult because most of the available appliances treat one of the two problems at the cost of aggravating the other one. In this article, we present the steps of design and fabrication of a modified protraction headgear that can be useful for such a patient. A patient treated with(More)
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