Tahereh Ghane

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We present a method and web server for predicting DNA structural features in a high-throughput (HT) manner for massive sequence data. This approach provides the framework for the integration of DNA sequence and shape analyses in genome-wide studies. The HT methodology uses a sliding-window approach to mine DNA structural information obtained from Monte(More)
The width of the DNA minor groove varies with sequence and can be a major determinant of DNA shape recognition by proteins. For example, the minor groove within the center of the Fis-DNA complex narrows to about half the mean minor groove width of canonical B-form DNA to fit onto the protein surface. G/C base pairs within this segment, which is not(More)
We present a combined investigation of the dynamics and optics of triplex DNA, based on classical molecular dynamics and time-dependent density functional theory. Our approach is devised to include the effects of conformational fluctuations on the electronic structure and optical excitations of the system. We find that the structural flexibility has a(More)
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