Taher Ahmed Ghaleb

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The behavior of a communication traffic may reveal some patterns (such as, packet size, packet direction, and inter-packet time, etc.) that can expose users’ identities and their private interactions. Such information may not be concealed even if encrypting protocols have been employed, which gives traffic analysis attacks an opportunity to infer the(More)
The eXtensible Mark-up Language rapidly has become a very powerful standard for the data exchange. Labeling schemes have been introduced to optimize data retrieval and query processing on XML database documents. This is done by providing labels that hold information about XML tree nodes. In this paper we introduce a novel labeling scheme XDAS whose labeling(More)
Essentially, high-level programming languages rely on certain computer programs, called compilers, to transform source code of their programs into lower level computer languages. To use a compiler, programmers are usually required to install its executable files on their machines. Local installation of compilers is indeed limited to computers (i.e., no(More)
Throughout browsing the web or running applications on a wireless network, user's private information should be hidden from other users. Private information may include the visited websites, downloaded files, chatting messages or any other web or network activities. Therefore, several encrypting protocols (such as: IPsec, TLS, SSL, etc.) and privacy(More)
This paper describes the design, prototype implementation and performance characteristics of a Disease Outbreak Notification System (DONS). The prototype was implemented in a hybrid cloud environment as an online/real-time system. It detects potential outbreaks of both listed and unknown diseases. It uses data mining techniques to choose the correct(More)
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) have recently been introduced to protect MANETs from malicious attacks that can reduce their performance. The performance of the IDSs proposed in the literature have been evaluated under certain network conditions such as the change of mobility speed, simulation time, mobility models, etc. However, none of these IDSs have(More)
The effects of phospholipase A2, colchicine, and beta-galactosidase on concanavalin A-induced agglutination of viable hepatocytes isolated from normal and diabetic rats are reported. Phospholipase A2 (0.92 microgram/mL), colchicine (400 micrograms/mL), and beta-galactosidase (300 micrograms/mL) treatments caused a significant increase in the agglutination(More)
Flow cytometry (FCM) is a very well-known method that is broadly used in clinical and research laboratories. Both clinical and research laboratories have been the target domains of FCM applications. The key research question in this particular field is “how to effectively automate FCM data analysis?”. To answer this question, this paper systematically(More)
Program analysis is the process of statically or dynamically retrieving the structure and behavior of software systems. Static analysis solely relies on the availability of source code of computer programs, while dynamic analysis captures program information using execution traces during program runtime. The entire process is called software reverse(More)
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