Tahar Bouhadada

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Several works on engineering of learning active situations (LAS) gave birth to tools for distance learning scriptwriting based on collaboration and interactivity. This paper describes a distance-learning environment that integrates a simulator of interactive pedagogical activities dedicated to the teaching of the compilation. The achieved prototype,(More)
This paper describes the architecture of an Interactive Learning Environment (ILE) on the internet using companions which one is a human and geographically distant of the learning site. The achieved system rests on a three-tier customer/server architecture (customer, web server, data and applications server) where human and software actors can communicate(More)
On the basis of the robust syntactic parsers development, a considerable progress is carried out within the natural language processing (NLP). However, the parsing itself does not allow to pinpointing the phrase entirely meaning. It is essential to know the relations between verb and components in order to answer questions such as who did this, where, when,(More)
The learner modeling is a cornerstone of the personalized interaction in any Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). Based on ontology's, the development of the Semantic Web offers new opportunities and challenges in the design of a new generation of adaptive systems, It's in this context that is situated the scope of our research works, with the aim of(More)
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