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The majority of adaptive and intelligent tutoring systems (AITS) are dedicated to a specific domain, allowing them to offer accurate models of the domain and the learner. The analysis produced from traces left by the users is didactically very precise and specific to the domain in question. It allows one to guide the learner in case of difficulty and to(More)
This paper attempts to explore a new method to improve the teaching of algorithmic for beginners. It is well known that algorithmic is a difficult field to teach for teacher and complex to assimilate for learner. These difficulties are due to intrinsic characteristics of this field and to the manner that teachers (the majority) apprehend its bases. However,(More)
Il existe plusieurs travaux sur les hypermédias adaptatifs ;Très peu se sont intéressés à l’adaptation de la forme en fonction de profils cognitifs . Dans ce travail, notre intérêt porte sur l’adaptation des contenus des pages et des liens en se basant sur le modèle de connaissances de l'apprenant et en fonction d’objectifs pédagogiques, et sur l’adaptation(More)
The use of simulation for a pedagogical purpose is very interesting. One of the essential repercussions of the construction of a pedagogical simulator is the perennisation of the ‘know’ and especially ‘know-how’ held by the human experts. This deals with an expert system, ` kernel of the simulator ́, able to diagnose and detect faults, as well as to(More)
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