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This paper address the problem of static task clustering and scheduling of a parallel program given as a Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG) with duplication. Scheduling of task graphs onto multiprocessors is known to be an NP-complete in most cases leading to solutions based on heuristics [1]. In this paper, a novel task-duplication scheduling heuristic is(More)
In shared memory parallel processing environment , shared variables facilitate communication among processes. To protect shared variables from concurrent access by more than one process at a time, they placed in a critical section. Scheduling a set of parallel processes to access this critical section with the aim of minimizing the time spent to execute(More)
Object oriented techniques make applications substantially easier to build by providing a high-level platform for application development. There have been a large number of projects based on the Distributed Object Oriented approach for solving complex problems in various scientific fields. One important aspect of Distributed Object Oriented systems is the(More)