Taha Soliman

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Understanding genetic connectivity is fundamental for ecosystem-based management of marine resources. Here we investigate the metapopulation structure of the edible sea cucumber Holothuria edulis Lesson, 1830 across Okinawa Island, Japan. This species is of economic and ecological importance and is distributed from the Red Sea to Hawai‘i. We examined(More)
The greenfish sea cucumber Stichopus chloronotus is an economically and ecologically important sea cucumber species throughout its range. This species is widely distributed, inhabiting coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Our study evaluated population genetic structure and levels of genetic diversity in southern Japan. A total of 180 individuals were(More)
The Japanese sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus has a pelagic-lecithotrophic larva. Here, we clarify larval dispersal among Japanese sea cucumber populations by describing the levels of distinctiveness and gene flow among red and green variant populations of A. japonicus across Toyama Bay using 11 polymorphic microsatellite markers. Samples of Japanese sea(More)
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