Taha H. S. Abdelaziz

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This paper deals with the direct solution of the pole placement problem by statederivative feedback for multi-input linear systems. The paper describes the solution of this pole placement problem for any controllable system with nonsingular system matrix and nonzero desired poles. Then closed-loop poles can be placed in order to achieve the desired system(More)
In this paper, state-derivative and especially output-derivative feedbacks for linear time-invariant systems are derived using control approach similar to linear quadratic regulator (LQR). The optimal feedback gain matrices are derived for the desired performance. This problem is always solvable for any controllable system if the open-loop system matrix is(More)
In this paper the robust pole assignment problem using combined velocity and acceleration feedback for second-order linear systems with singular mass matrix is illustrated. This is promising for better applicability in several practical applications where the acceleration signals are easier to obtain than the proportional ones. First, the explicit(More)
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