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An error measurement for resampled level crossing signal
This work is a contribution to enhance the signal processing chain required in mobile systems. Expand
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EEG Mind controlled Smart Prosthetic Arm
The field of prosthetics has seen many accomplishments over the last few years, especially with the incorporation of the latest technological advancements into these products. Expand
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Biometric database for human gait recognition using wearable sensors and a smartphone
This paper presents a multi-model biometric authentication database for human gait recognition. In contrast to the most known database available in literature that uses either machine vision, floorExpand
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A Customizable Wearable Robust 3D Printed Bionic Arm: Muscle Controlled
In this research paper, customizable wearable robust 3D printed bionic arm been designed and implemented for a right arm. Expand
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EEG Mind Controlled Smart Prosthetic Arm – A Comprehensive Study
A R T I C L E I N F O A B S T R A C T Article history: Received: 05 April, 2017 Accepted: 11 June, 2017 Online: 26 June, 2017 Recently, the field of prosthetics has seen many accomplishmentsExpand
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Pepper Humanoid Robot as a Service Robot: a Customer Approach
The rise in popularity of humanoid robots will eventually lead to including them in all of our daily lives. Expand
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A wearable rehabilitation device for paralysis
With the huge development and the latest technological advancement in mechatronics, prosthetic devices have acquired interest in many different fields such as medical and industrial fields. AExpand
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A Wearable Exoskeleton Rehabilitation Device for Paralysis – A Comprehensive Study
Article history: Received: 20 December, 2018 Accepted: 27 December, 2018 Online : 20 January, 2019 As the technology grows scientists and engineers are trying to combine their work to compensate someExpand
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Virtual reality application for interactive and informative learning
Virtual Reality technology is spreading rapidly, and already existing in many fields nowadays. Education is one of the most important fields in life, therefore it should be in line with newExpand
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Wearable bio-sensors bracelet for driveras health emergency detection
Abnormality of the driver's Bio-physiological parameters has great impact on the driver's capability, and the ability to control a vehicle; which may cause severe car accidents. In this paper, aExpand
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