Taha B. M. J. Ouarda

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Flood quantile estimation is of great importance for several types of engineering studies and policy decisions. However, practitioners must often deal with the limited availability of data and with short length observation series. Thus, the information must be used optimally. During the last decades, to make better use of available data, inferential(More)
Many impact studies require climate change information at a finer resolution than that provided by Global Climate Models (GCMs). In the last 10 years, downscaling techniques, both dynamical (i.e. Regional Climate Model) and statistical methods, have been developed to obtain fine resolution climate change scenarios. In this study, an automated statistical(More)
  • Mathieu Ribatet, Eric Sauquet, Jean-Michel Grésillon, Taha B M J Ouarda, Monte Carlo
  • 2006
Flood Frequency Analysis is usually based on the fitting of an extreme value distribution to the series of local streamflow. However, when the local data series is short, frequency analysis results become unreliable. Regional frequency analysis is a convenient way to reduce the estimation uncertainty. In this work, we propose a regional Bayesian model for(More)
Water temperature is a key abiotic variable that modulates both water chemistry and aquatic life in rivers and streams. For this reason, numerous water temperature models have been developed in recent years. In this paper, a k-nearest neighbour model (KNN) is proposed and validated to simulate and eventually produce a one-day forecast of mean water(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined whether the number of emergency department visits for "mental and psychosocial problems" varies with temperature or humidity. METHODS The number of visits in three geographic areas of Québec were examined as a function of temperature and humidity by using routinely collected May-September data for 1995-2007 (N=347,552(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to understand the relationship between automatically captured social exposure and detailed sleep parameters of healthy young adults. METHODS This study was conducted in a real-world setting in a graduate-student housing community at a US university. Social exposure was measured using Bluetooth proximity sensing(More)
Population growth and economic development have impacted the capacity of water resources to meet demands in a number of arid countries. This study focuses on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where low rainfall, high rate of growth and agricultural development are resulting in a dramatic depletion of groundwater resources and an increased dependence on(More)
Research has mostly focused on obesity and not on processes of BMI change more generally, although these may be key factors that lead to obesity. Studies have suggested that obesity is affected by social ties. However these studies used survey based data collection techniques that may be biased toward select only close friends and relatives. In this study,(More)