Taha B. M. J. Ouarda

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A canonical correlation method for determining the homogeneous regions used for estimating flood characteristics of ungauged basins is described. The method emphasizes graphical and quantitative analysis of relationships between the basin and flood variables before the data of the gauged basins are used for estimating the flood variables of the ungauged(More)
Many impact studies require climate change information at a finer resolution than that provided by Global Climate Models (GCMs). In the last 10 years, downscaling techniques, both dynamical (i.e. Regional Climate Model) and statistical methods, have been developed to obtain fine resolution climate change scenarios. In this study, an automated statistical(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to understand the relationship between automatically captured social exposure and detailed sleep parameters of healthy young adults. METHODS This study was conducted in a real-world setting in a graduate-student housing community at a US university. Social exposure was measured using Bluetooth proximity sensing(More)
BACKGROUND In 2002, major human epidemics of West Nile Virus (WNV) were reported in five cities in the North East region of North America. The present analysis examines the climatic conditions that were conducive to the WNV epidemic, in order to provide information to public health managers who eventually must decide on the implementation of a preventive(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined whether the number of emergency department visits for "mental and psychosocial problems" varies with temperature or humidity. METHODS The number of visits in three geographic areas of Québec were examined as a function of temperature and humidity by using routinely collected May-September data for 1995-2007 (N=347,552(More)
Water temperature is a key abiotic variable that modulates both water chemistry and aquatic life in rivers and streams. For this reason, numerous water temperature models have been developed in recent years. In this paper, a k-nearest neighbour model (KNN) is proposed and validated to simulate and eventually produce a one-day forecast of mean water(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have suggested an association between climate variables and circulatory diseases. The short-term effect of climate conditions on the incidence of ischemic heart disease (IHD) over the 1989-2006 period was examined for Quebec's 18 health regions. METHODS Analyses were carried out for two age groups. A GAM statistical model, that blends(More)
Population growth and economic development have impacted the capacity of water resources to meet demands in a number of arid countries. This study focuses on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where low rainfall, high rate of growth and agricultural development are resulting in a dramatic depletion of groundwater resources and an increased dependence on(More)
We live in a fast-paced busy world where one of the key biomedical factors we compensate with is sleep. Sleep impacts many facets of our lives from chronic disorders to workplace productivity, happiness and many other dimensions that we are continually discovering. Advances in technology and health informatics have made it possible to measure and understand(More)
Research has mostly focused on obesity and not on processes of BMI change more generally, although these may be key factors that lead to obesity. Studies have suggested that obesity is affected by social ties. However these studies used survey based data collection techniques that may be biased toward select only close friends and relatives. In this study,(More)