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In this work, fiber Bragg grating (FBG) strain sensors in single and quasi-distributed systems are investigated, seeking high-accuracy measurement. Since FBG-based strain sensors of small lengths are preferred in medical applications, and that causes the full width at half-maximum (FWHM) to be larger, a new apodization profile is introduced for the first(More)
The implementations of GPS trackers are the major source of getting latitude and longitude values in automobile tracking solutions. But such trackers lose their worth when the automobile, in which they are installed, reaches a location where the GPS data is improperly received or not received at all. Such vulnerable locations include underpasses, tunnels(More)
Prediction of future health state of an aerospace structure allows airlines to plan repair or replacement activities well in time. Correct planning ensures low probability of failure as well as low aircraft’s downtime. Accurate prediction is possible through usage of the effective prognostic algorithms, based on historical trends and underlying suitable(More)
This paper implemented the web-based GIS Hotels Business Tourism Site in Khartoum state. The motivation as well as the problem statement is the lack of spatial data and geographical informations of Business Hotels tourism in Khartoum state, hence, lead to the unavailability of web based Business Hotels tourism, also the lack of research papers in this(More)
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