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Many software companies are interested in using Agile methods in their software projects. Contrary to traditional software development methods, Agile methods are people oriented. This fact shows the significant role of individuals in these methods. Increasing prevalence of Agile methods forces software companies to consider people related factors as(More)
Agile software development by offering new values motivates software companies to use Agile methods instead of traditional methods. However, reviewing the literature shows that leaving traditional methods and moving to Agile methods is subjected to many serious challenges. We have conducted a large-scale research study to empirically discover various(More)
Agile methods are widely used in software companies in recent years. Many software companies are replacing their traditional development methods with Agile methods. Nonetheless, measuring agility that they have achieved has be topic of debate. So far, only a few methods and tools have been proposed to measure the agility of software companies who are moving(More)
This Article shows a Case Study research that is performed to compare effectiveness of the Planning Poker and Wideband Delphi in two case studies. Although, Wide Band Delphi has been proposed many years ago and has enough supports in both industry and academic area but, Planning Poker is somewhat new. The study showed that applying these techniques in two(More)
Prevalence of Agile methods in software companies is increasing. Software companies need to employ these methods to overcome the inherent challenges of traditional methods. However, transitioning to Agile approach is a topic of debate and needs to be supported by appropriate facilitators. Conducting a large-scale research study, revealed the most important(More)
Software companies are widely using Agile methods in recent years. Scrum is the most popular Agile method which focuses on project management by defining the required roles, responsibilities, and activities. Despite of its simplicity, many reports address the challenges that threat the software teams when adapting to Scrum. Most of these reports highlight(More)
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