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Pregnancy outcome has been studied in terms of legal abortions, early spontaneous abortions and total number of pregnancies (in an ad hoc study covering 6 counties) as well as various perinatal health problems (on the basis of routinely recorded data for epidemiological surveillance from the Medical Birth Registry of Norway). Apparently, no effects were(More)
In Norway, external doses of radiation resulting from fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear accident were estimated from detailed measurements, including soil deposition patterns. Internal doses were estimated from measurements of radioactive cesium in meat and milk supplies. The doses were calculated as average monthly doses for each of 454 municipalities(More)
BACKGROUND The indications for continuous oral anticoagulant treatment, the target interval and the procedures for withdrawing treatment have changed in the last 10 years. METHODS Patients on continuous oral anticoagulant treatment at the Outpatient Anticoagulant Clinic at Umeå University Hospital in 2002 were included in a descriptive study (n = 900).(More)
SUMMARY The clinical outcome in 110 patients admitted to a non-intensive stroke unit was compared to that in 183 patients treated for acute stroke in general medical wards. At entry, the two groups of patients were closely similar in all prognostic indicators. Subsets of patients were analyzed in an attempt to identify groups that benefit more than others(More)
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