Taeyoung Kim

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We propose an unsupervised video segmentation approach by simultaneously tracking multiple holistic figure-ground segments. Segment tracks are initialized from a pool of segment proposals generated from a figure-ground segmentation algorithm. Then, online non-local appearance models are trained incrementally for each track using a multi-output regularized(More)
Electromigration (EM) has been considered to be the major reliability issue for current and future VLSI technologies. Current EM reliability analysis is overloaded by over-conservative and simplified EM models. Particularly the transient recovery effect in the EM-induced stress evolution kinetics has never been treated properly in all the existing(More)
As the building stock consumes 40% of the U.S. primary energy consumption, it is critically important to improve building energy efficiency. This involves reducing the total energy consumption of buildings, reducing the peak energy demand, and leveraging renewable energy sources, etc. To achieve such goals, hybrid energy supply has becoming popular, where(More)
Gait analysis has long been used for various medical and healthcare assessments [1]. In orthopedics and prosthetics, gait analysis is essential for identifying the pathology and assessing the efficacy of the orthopedic assistants or prosthetics prescribed. For example, the efficacy of ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs), usually prescribed to patients with muscle(More)
In this article, we propose a new dynamic reliability management (DRM) technique for emerging dark silicon manycore processors. We formulate our DRM problem as minimizing the energy consumption subject to the reliability, performance and thermal constraints. The new approach is based on a newly proposed physics-based electromigration (EM) reliability model(More)
Learning objects along with their sequencing are being studied to support efficient e-learning systems. They could solve the problem of costly reproduction of learning materials for e-learning systems. The problem arising here is related to the size and complexity of methods used to achieve the appropriate composition of learning objects in order to(More)
Electromigration (EM) in very large scale integration (VLSI) interconnects has become one of the major reliability issues for current and future VLSI technologies. However, existing EM modeling and analysis techniques are mainly developed for a single wire. For practical VLSI chips, the elemental EM reliability unit called interconnect tree is a multibranch(More)