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In this paper, a real time dynamic gesture recognition method based on a modified Levenshtein distance is proposed. The method addresses the issues faced in dynamic gesture recognition methods that are due to gesture variability within the class due to differences in the gesture speed. Since the gesture speed and duration will vary from one gesture to(More)
—RFID Systems can identify an object by reading ID inside a RFID tag using radio frequency. However, because a RFID tag replies its unique ID to the request of any reader through wireless communication, it is vulnerable to attacks on security or privacy through wiretapping or an illegal reader's request. In particular, because recommendation services of(More)
Mining moving patterns from object trajectories is an crucial task for understanding movement characteristics. In this study, we propose a novel trajectory analysis method to detect split-and-merge patterns based on a virtual running method. A virtual run is a rearranged moving order of objects that minimizes the cost function and is used to perform(More)
This paper proposes a new method called Virtual Run for extracting the representative trajectories from a set of similar trajectories by readjusting the sequence of movements of vehicles. This method uses convex hull and Euclidean minimum spanning tree to move the trajectory sets, so that it can generate the representative trajectories. Those representative(More)
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