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In previous work, mouse lines were selected for eight generations for resistance (R) or susceptibility (S) to endophyte-infected fescue toxicosis using depression in postweaning gain caused by a toxin-containing diet as the selection criterion. Characterizing biological changes associated with resistance or susceptibility in those mice might suggest genetic(More)
The authors investigate the employee features that, alongside overall voice expression, affect supervisors' voice recognition. Drawing primarily from status characteristics and network position theories, the authors propose and find in a study of 693 employees from 89 different credit union units that supervisors are more likely to credit those reporting(More)
Keywords: Gender and wage inequity Determinism Social role theory Implicit person theory a b s t r a c t Despite the rise of dual-income households in the United States and a narrowing of the nation's gender wage gap, we find that many men and women still prefer the husband to be the primary breadwinner. To help explain intra-marital wage preferences, we(More)
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