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In general, existing reliability analysis techniques have a limitation in that they normally require run-time information to assess a software system's reliability. So, reliability analysis has been delayed until system testing or operation where principal design decisions had been already made. Also, they normally focus on estimating the reliability of the(More)
As the Internet has been growing, WWW(World Wide Web) based services have become more popular, and the number of those using the service has increased excessively. To support these services, the processing of many transactions has become essential in the Internet. There are many researches regarding user profiling on web services to support those(More)
The primary focus of weapon systems research and development has moved from a hardware base to a software base and the cost of software development is increasing gradually. An accurate estimation of the cost of software development is now a very important task in the defense domain. However, existing models and tools for software cost estimation are not(More)
For accident surveillance and traffic flow conditions, CCTV cameras are installed on bridges. However, their effectiveness is diminished remarkably in a thick fog. Despite heavy fog, our proposed system can detect a car crash on the bridges and propagate accident information to other drivers as quickly as possible to reduce the accident rate and casualties.(More)
  • Taewan Gu
  • The 5th International Conference on New Trends in…
  • 2011
This paper proposes a nevel approach supporting evaluation of software Safety Integrity Level (SIL) which is a relative target level of risk-reduction provided by a safety function using failure frequency. Software safety on embedded systems has become an important software engineering challenge, since the embedded system is closely used to human life and(More)
Grid environments provide the mechanism to share heterogeneous resources among nodes. Because of the similarity between grid environments and P2P networks, the structures of P2P networks can be adapted to enhance scalability and efficiency in deployment and to search for services. In this paper, we present a membership management based on a hierarchical(More)
As the number of Internet users increases, they exchange and share information more and more frequently. In such an environment, reliable transactions are an important consideration. However, if individual users do not reflect their preferences, transactions cannot occur despite the users' trustworthiness. Considering this, most conventional research(More)
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