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Microfluidic technologies have shown powerful abilities for reducing cost, time, and labor, and at the same time, for increasing accuracy, throughput, and performance in the analysis of biological and biochemical samples compared with the conventional, macroscale instruments. Synthetic biology is an emerging field of biology and has drawn much attraction(More)
We prove the existence of a Bayesian Nash equilibrium for a Bayesian game with infinitely many players. We make three main advances to the existing literature. In particular: 1. We provide existence theorems where the set of agents can be any infinite set (countable or uncountable) as well as a measure space. 2. We use the information partition approach to(More)
The direction of translocation of microtubules on a surface coated with kinesin is usually random. Here we demonstrate and quantify the rate at which externally applied electric fields can direct moving microtubules parallel to the field by deflecting their leading end toward the anode. Effects of electric field strength, kinesin surface density, and(More)
The unexpected nuclear accidents have provided a challenge for scientists and engineers to develop sensitive detectors, especially for alpha radiation. Due to the high linear energy transfer value, sensors designed to detect such radiation require placement in close proximity to the radiation source. Here we report the morphological changes and optical(More)
The increasing complexity of modern buildings, such as high-rise buildings and underground subway stations, has brought about an increase in the scale of potential hazards, which in turn requires changes in firefighter training. Due to cost, time, and safety requirements for the trainee, it is impossible for firefighters in training to experience a real(More)
We present a light-switchable gene expression system for both inducible and switchable control of gene expression at a single cell level in Escherichia coli using a previously constructed light-sensing system. The λ cI repressor gene with an LVA degradation tag was expressed under the control of the ompC promoter on the chromosome. The green fluorescent(More)
New hydrophilic 2D graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets with various oxygen functional groups were employed to maintain high sensitivity in highly unfavorable environments (extremely high humidity, strong acidic or basic). Novel one-headed polymer optical fiber sensor arrays using hydrophilic GO and hydrophobic reduced graphene oxide (rGO) were carefully(More)
Artificially designed acoustic meta-surfaces have the ability to manipulate sound energy to an extraordinary extent. Here, we report on a new type of directional reflective surface consisting of an array of sub-wavelength Helmholtz resonators with varying internal coiled path lengths, which induce a reflection phase gradient along a planar acoustic(More)