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The Return of Jacksonianism: the International Implications of the Trump Phenomenon
The rise of President-elect, Donald J. Trump, and his unconventional policy remarks have inspired alarm across the political spectrum in the United States and throughout the world. Even though aExpand
American Exceptionalism at the Crossroads: Three Responses
Unlike the immediate post-Cold War era of triumphalism and neoliberal prosperity, the last decade has witnessed the erosion of the ‘unipolar moment’ after the major setbacks of the Iraq andExpand
Competing visions of a postmodern world order: the Philadelphian system versus the Tianxia system
Abstract This article analyses competing discourses on a postmodern world order perpetuated by the United States and the People’s Republic of China (PRC), which are themselves built on their ownExpand
The formation of American exceptional identities: A three-tier model of the “standard of civilization” in US foreign policy
The dominant structuralist/materialist schema in International Relations accords little importance to the domestic ideational base of the state in its concern to explain the pattern of foreignExpand
Re-reading Friedrich Hayek and Karl Polanyi in the Late-Modern Condition of Fragility
The cardinal role of complexity in Friedrich Hayek’s theory of the market has hardly gone unnoticed. Indeed, there is now a considerable corpus of literature that has established the importance ofExpand
Republic or empire: the genealogy of the anti-imperial tradition in US politics
This article analyzes an alternative perspective on the relationship between the USA and the concept of empire. We should note that another rich vein of policy dissent, the anti-imperial tradition,Expand
Is anybody still a globalist? Rereading the trajectory of US grand strategy and the end of the transnational moment
  • Taesuh Cha
  • Political Science
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  • 2 January 2020
ABSTRACT After the two-fold crises of the liberal world order in the first decade of the twenty-first century, including the debacle of the Global War on Terror and the global financial crisis aroundExpand