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We have developed the suspended-load backpack, which converts mechanical energy from the vertical movement of carried loads (weighing 20 to 38 kilograms) to electricity during normal walking [generating up to 7.4 watts, or a 300-fold increase over previous shoe devices (20 milliwatts)]. Unexpectedly, little extra metabolic energy (as compared to that(More)
Vertical movement of the hip during locomotion causes a loaded backpack to be accelerated with each step, which imposes large peak forces on the wearer. Here we show that using bungee cords to suspend the load from a backpack frame reduces not only its vertical movement, and hence its vertical force on the carrier, but also the energetic cost of walking(More)
• Identify 3D objects in very cluttered environment using real-time range sensors • Develop a scalable framework for object classification in range images – object classification framework that is able to infer the class label of an given object from a partial view captured in a range image by identifying the common patterns shared by the other objects in a(More)
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