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An H∞ based robust controller is designed for a rate-feedback ow-control problem in single-bottleneck communication networks. The controller guarantees stability robustness to uncertain time-varying multiple time-delays in di;erent channels. It also brings the queue length at the bottleneck node to the desired steady-state value asymptotically and satis=es(More)
Fish-like robot is considered to be one of the candidates in the future underwater vehicle design for marine exploration and surveillance. In the BCF propulsion type, the ostraciiform swimming mode permits the robot to have a simple mechanical design and control strategy for swimming. Propulsion is achieved by flapping the caudal fin and the turning motion(More)
The reliability of a navigation system is one of the critical requirements for air or automotive navigation. In order to increase the reliability of the navigation system, failures or faults resulting from the malfunctions of the system should be detected and repaired to keep the system possessing high integrity. This leads to a need for developing high(More)
In this paper, we suggest a vision-based SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) method to improve navigation performance of mobile robot, which is used 2 encoders to calculate its position. If mobile robot is in building, tunnel or under ground facility, it is difficult to obtain navigation information from GPS only navigation system, because there(More)
This study describes the development of an attitude control system for a quadrotor flying robot. In this paper, we introduces the linearized mathematical model from experimental data using system identification method and design of the optimal control. And then we verify the control system through simulation and performing the experimental tests.
In a recent work by the authors, an H 1 based ow controller was designed for explicit rate based congestion control in high speed networks. Time delay uncertainties were taken into account when the controller was designed. This paper studies robustness margins, e.g. largest allowable time delay, as functions of a weighting parameter used in the deenition of(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new design approach for self-sustained resonant acceleration, that uses an automatic gain control (AGC) to achieve a stabilized oscillation dynamics. Fundamental idea of this acceleration is to maintain uniform amplitude of oscillation. Through system modeling and loop transformation considering the envelope of oscillation, the(More)
Ostraciiform is the simplest swimming strategy in the aquatic environment. The bio-mimicking of this swimming mode makes it possible to be the alternative propulsion method for underwater vehicles. Both swimming thrust and steering can be controlled with the caudal fin; and the turning parameters are the flapping frequency and amplitude. In this research,(More)
This paper presents a design and analysis of electromechanical sigma-delta modulator for MEMS gyroscope, which enables us to control the proof mass and to obtain an exact digital output without additional A/D conversion. The system structure and the circuit realization of the sigma-delta modulation are simpler than those of the analog sensing and feedback(More)