Taekyung Lee

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Within the hierarchy of the Software Defined Network (SDN) network stack, the control layer operates as the critical middleware facilitator of interactions between the data plane and the network applications, which govern flow routing decisions. In the OpenFlow implementation of the SDN model, the control layer, commonly referred to as a network operating(More)
Development of submicrocrystalline structure in biomedical alloy such as Ti-13Nb-13Zr (in wt%) through warm-rolling process has been found to enhance mechanical properties compared to conventional thermomechanical processing routes including hot-rolling process. The present study investigated the tribological and corrosion behaviors of warm-rolled (WR) and(More)
Several researches have been proposed to formalize the knowledge preconditions problem; an action or a plan is epistemically feasible. However, since the feasibility is only checked at design-time and is assumed that it also will be carried out at run-time, it is not suitable in the context of Web services composition, where the transaction is important in(More)
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