Taekyong Nam

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⎯ In this paper we propose the P2P Honeypot that prevents illegal or harmful files from spreading in P2P network. We apply the idea of Honeypot to P2P network. We build fake P2P service farms and monitor and trace users who spread or gain illegal or harmful files in P2P network. If we can apply this system widely, we can expect illegal or harmful files to(More)
In this paper we introduce an effective method of the adult image classification via MPEG-7 descriptors. The proposed system uses MPEG-7 descriptors as the main feature of the adult image classification systems. The simulation shows that the proposed image classification system performs the 5 class classification task with success rate of above 70%.
In this paper, we propose multi-layer objectionable video classification system using local information and global information simultaneously. We also analyze the additional information of video files through the Internet for use in the objectionable video classification from a statistical point of view. The proposed system consists of 3 analyzers and uses(More)