Taekyong Nam

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In this paper we introduce an effective method of the adult image classification via MPEG-7 descriptors. The proposed system uses MPEG-7 descriptors as the main feature of the adult image classification systems. The simulation shows that the proposed image classification system performs the 5 class classification task with success rate of above 70%.
In this paper, we propose the objectionable image detection system based on ROI. The proposed system excels in that ROI detection method is specialized in objectionable image detection. In addition, we propose the novel feature consisting of weighted SCD based on ROI and skin color structure descriptor for classifying objectionable image. Using the ROI(More)
This paper proposes a specialized Web robot to automatically collect objectionable Web contents for use in an objectionable Web content classification system, which creates the URL database of objectionable Web contents. It aims at shortening the update period of the DB, increasing the number of URLs in the DB, and enhancing the accuracy of the information(More)
Encryption is a well established technology for protecting sensitive data. Unfortunately, the integration of existing encryption techniques with database systems causes undesirable performance degradation. We propose the bucket ID transformation that supports range queries without exposing the order of plaintext. The Bucket ID Transformation is performed by(More)