Taeko Chijiiwa

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Ocular manifestations in two cases of congenital muscular dystrophy of Fukuyama type were reported. This disease is characterized by early onset of hypotonia, generalized muscle weakness and atrophy, mental retardation, and elevated serum creatine-phosphokinase activity. The symptoms include entropion of lower lids, pathological myopia with astigmatism,(More)
The distribution and morphology of choroidal melanocytes in dogs and cats which have a tapetum were compared with those of humans who do not. In dogs or cats, tapetal cell-like melanocytes were arranged in layers on the scleral side of the tapetum and underneath the choriocapillaris in the non-tapetal area. Although the tapetum of the dog occupied a smaller(More)
Clinical features of morning glory syndrome were studied in 8 eyes of 7 patients. The cases were divided into two groups according to the size of the elevated peripapillary white ring. The size of the ring was expressed as an average disk diameter of normal control eyes. In 2 eyes of Group I with the ring less than 2.0 disk diameters, white tissue on the(More)
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