Taekkyeun Lee

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Broadcast protocols play a vital role in multihop wireless networks. Due to the broadcast nature of radio signals, a node's interference range can be larger than its transmission range, i.e., it can interfere with other node's reception even if the latter is not within its transmission range. To design an efficient broadcast protocol, both the collision and(More)
Smart metering application has received a lot of attention from the research community lately. Usually, LLN based network runs on RPL protocol which constructs a DAG structure for its normal operation. In this paper, we devise a wormhole attack scenario in such a network. Furthermore, we propose a Merkle tree based authentication protocol which runs on the(More)
The recent research and development in the domain of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have opened up tremendous opportunities and applications in many different scenarios. If we take into account the aftermaths of disaster, we certainly need to build up a mechanism to gather the data for the disaster hit area in which there is minimum delay and protocol we(More)
Rapid technological advancement in wireless sensor networks has contributed for the great increase in number of IP-connected smaller smart sensors that, in turn, become part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Efficient utilization of the IoT for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication requires security. The IETF 6L0WPAN standard provides the mechanism for IPv6(More)
Fast and energy-efficient message delivery is an ultimate goal in multi-hop wireless sensor networks. To help achieve this goal, we propose ABC, a simple geographic forwarding scheme capable of bypassing routing holes. ABC is a lightweight and reliable routing protocol in that nodes do not need to set up or maintain routing or neighbor tables; instead, ABC(More)
Improving throughput and delay is an important challenge in multi-hop wireless sensor networks. In this work, we propose ABC-MC, a simple multi-channel geographic forwarding scheme. ABC-MC is based on ABC which is a lightweight and reliable routing protocol where nodes do not need to set up or maintain routing/neighbor tables. A unique feature of ABC-MC is(More)
Machine to Machine (M2M) is considered the next frontier in the domain of communication industry. Wireless Network Operators are gearing up extensive efforts to support M2M Services in their networks to diversify their revenue base. WiMax is one of the 4G broadband wireless access technologies which have tremendous potential to play market driver role in(More)
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