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A novel multistage Support Vector Machine based approach for Li ion battery remaining useful life estimation
Real-time prediction of remaining useful life (RUL) is an essential feature of a robust battery management system (BMS). In this work, a novel method for real-time RUL estimation of Li ion batteriesExpand
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Design and Control of Modular Multilevel Converters for Battery Electric Vehicles
New advanced power conversion systems play an essential role in the extension of range and life of batteries. This paper proposes a new modular multilevel converter with embedded electrochemicalExpand
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Thermally coupled moving boundary model for charge–discharge of LiFePO4/C cells
Abstract Optimal thermal management is a key requirement in commercial utilization of lithium ion battery comprising of phase change electrodes. In order to facilitate design of battery packs,Expand
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Coupled electrochemical thermal modelling of a novel Li-ion battery pack thermal management system
Thermal management system is of critical importance for a Li-ion battery pack, as high performance and long battery pack life can be simultaneously achieved when operated within a narrow range ofExpand
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High efficiency active cell balancing circuit with soft-switching technique for series-connected battery string
This paper proposes a high efficiency active cell balancing circuit for series-connected battery strings. The proposed circuit consists of a multi-winding transformer, a diode, and bi-directionalExpand
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Cooperative regenerative braking control algorithm for an automatic-transmission-based hybrid electric vehicle during a downshift
A cooperative regenerative braking control algorithm is proposed for a six-speed automatic-transmission-based parallel hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) during a downshift that satisfies the requirementsExpand
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Recursive Bayesian filtering framework for lithium-ion cell state estimation
Abstract Robust battery management system is critical for a safe and reliable electric vehicle operation. One of the most important functions of the battery management system is to accuratelyExpand
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Physics based modeling of a series parallel battery pack for asymmetry analysis, predictive control and life extension
Abstract Lithium-Ion batteries used for electric vehicle applications are subject to large currents and various operation conditions, making battery pack design and life extension a challengingExpand
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Bayesian calibration for electrochemical thermal model of lithium-ion cells
Abstract Pseudo-two dimensional electrochemical thermal (P2D-ECT) model contains many parameters that are difficult to evaluate experimentally. Estimation of these model parameters is challenging dueExpand
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State-of-Charge Balancing Control of a Battery Power Module for a Modularized Battery for Electric Vehicle
This paper proposes a State-of-Charge (SOC) balancing control of Battery Power Modules (BPMs) for a modularized battery for Electric Vehicles (EVs) without additional balancing circuits. The BPMs areExpand
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