Taein Hwang

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In this paper, we design a location-aware UPnP AV session manager<sup>1</sup>. This system automatically detects a user's movement using RFID technology, and then captures or restores his UPnP A/V session information by invoking service actions defined in the UPnP AV architecture. The designed system is based on RFID-based multi-user access control(More)
We designed a system for Energy Interoperation conformance testing between an energy market and market participants based on TTCN-3. First, emerging energy markets for power trading are described. The previous works and the standards related to conformance testing of smart grid communication interfaces are introduced. After a brief overview of TTCN-3(More)
The DLNA guidelines defines two-box streaming models, which consist of the Digital Media Player (DMP) acting as both the UPnP control point and media renderer, and the Digital Media Server (DMS) acting as the UPnP media server. In such two-box models, the basic architecture of the PMCP proposed in our previous work needs to be extended to support discovery(More)
The IEC 61850 based DER management is required to manage the safety information of the emergency generator in the VPP infrastructure. To this end, this paper proposes communication interface structure for improving the data processing performance of the IEC 61850 server, and compares the legacy and the proposed data processing performance. The proposed(More)
We design application-level reference models necessary to ensure interoperability between devices or applications operated in a micro energy grid environment, where we could realize efficient energy generation, consumption, and distribution by optimally utilizing different energy resources like gas, heat, as well as electricity. The designed models are(More)
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