Taehyung Wang

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Ontology makes traditional web service to be semantic web services, where semantic annotation can be employed to discover, reason and composite web services semantically. The construction of ontology is a key factor to implement semantic web service applications. Traditionally, ontology is constructed and maintained by domain experts with considerable(More)
Extremely large datasets found in Big Data projects are difficult to work with using conventional databases, statistical software, and visualization tools. Massively parallel software, such as Hadoop, running on tens, hundreds, or even thousands of servers is more suitable for Big Data challenges. Additionally, in order to achieve the highest performance(More)
During the last several years, the volume of user- generated content on the web has skyrocketed. Today, the major Internet players such as MySpace, Wordpress, and YouTube all provide a variety of Web 2.0 based applications that allow users to post photos, share video, and manage blogs with multimedia content. Keyword-based tags are used to classify the(More)
Mobile devices are widely available to both consumers and businesses at affordable prices. These devices have the computational power to achieve tasks that were infeasible a few years ago. In medical facilities, mobile devices provide the medium for remote diagnosis and information retrieval. However, there are strict privacy issues that must be met. We(More)
In the Web 2.0 Age, Web bloggers have become major Web content providers, and the volume of blogs continues to increase rapidly. Although keyword-based tags are widely used to classify submitted blogs and to search for retrieval, this keyword-based approach provides less optimal classification, leading to less satisfactory search results because this(More)
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