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A soft error redirection is a URL redirection to a page that returns the HTTP status code 200 (OK) but has actually no relevant content to the client request. Since such redirections degrade the performance of web search engines in many ways, it is highly desirable to remove as many of them as possible. We propose a novel approach to detect soft error(More)
NF-kappaB activation plays a crucial role in anti-apoptotic responses in response to the apoptotic signaling during tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha stimulation. TNF-alpha induces apoptosis sensitive to the hepatitis B virus (HBV) infected cells, despite sustained NF-kappaB activation. Our results indicate that the HBV infection induces sustained NF-kappaB(More)
A substantial fraction of the human proteome encodes disordered proteins. Protein disorder is associated with a variety of cellular functions and misfunction, and is therefore of clear import to biological systems. However, disorder lends itself to conformational flexibility and heterogeneity, rendering proteins which feature prominent disorder difficult to(More)
Throughout the history of East Asian medicine, different kinds of acupuncture treatment experiences have been accumulated in classical medical texts. Reexamining knowledge from classical medical texts is expected to provide meaningful information that could be utilized in current medical practices. In this study, we used data mining methods to analyze the(More)
BACKGROUND Stimulation degree, biomechanical force, and de qi sensation are the three major components of needle manipulation. To date, it has been difficult to measure all three components quantitatively. OBJECTIVES To (1) measure and compare biomechanical forces of six human acupoints in vivo during haptic manipulation, (2) develop phantom acupoints(More)
Acupuncture uses needles to stimulate certain parts of the body, inducing a specific sensation, termed DeQi, which regard as essential for acupuncture's therapeutic effect. Here, we used the newly developed tool, bodily sensation mapping, to investigate the spatial configuration of acupuncture-induced sensations throughout the body. Twenty-five participants(More)
Chemically derived graphene quantum dots (GQDs) to date have showed very broad emission linewidth due to many kinds of chemical bondings with different energy levels, which significantly degrades the color purity and color tunability. Here, we show that use of aniline derivatives to chemically functionalize GQDs generates new extrinsic energy levels that(More)