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A wearable neuro-feedback system is proposed with a low-power neuro-feedback SoC (NFS), which supports mental status monitoring with encephalography (EEG) and transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) for neuro-modulation. Self-configured independent component analysis (ICA) is implemented to accelerate source separation at low power. Moreover, an embedded(More)
— A low-power parallel multiplier based on optimized bypassing architecture (OBA) is proposed. The proposed OBA has two kinds of adder cells to reduce power consumption by 15.7 %. One is the two-dimensional bypassing adder (TDBA) which performs both row and column bypassing scheme simultaneously, and the other is the modified row-bypassing adder (MRBA) for(More)
Armband type textile-MP3 player using direct chip integration technique into textile named Planar Fashionable Circuit Board (P-FCB) is designed. The multi-layered board manufacturing technique improves the integration level so that more complex system can be implemented using P-FCB. Also, wearable user input-output (I/O) interface makes people control the(More)