Taehwan Park

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Multivariate quadratic (MQ) cryptography requires the use of long public and private keys to ensure a sufficient security level, but this is not favorable to embedded systems, which have limited system resources. Recently, various approaches to MQ cryptography using reduced public keys have been studied. As a result of this, at CHES2011 (Cryptographic(More)
Binary field multiplication is the most fundamental building block of binary field Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and Galois/Counter Mode (GCM). Both bit-wise scanning and Look-Up Table (LUT) based methods are commonly used for binary field multiplication. In terms of Side Channel Attack (SCA), bit-wise scanning exploits insecure branch operations which(More)
Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithms, which ensure an integrity of packet messages, play a critical role in emerging Internet of Things (IoT) environment. However, IoT devices are only with very limited storage, energy, computation power. For this reason, many studies have been conducted to achieve an optimized MAC implementations on IoT devices. In(More)