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Multivariate quadratic (MQ) cryptography requires the use of long public and private keys to ensure a sufficient security level, but this is not favorable to embedded systems, which have limited system resources. Recently, various approaches to MQ cryptography using reduced public keys have been studied. As a result of this, at CHES2011 (Cryptographic(More)
In these days, there are a lot of the Internet of Things(IoT) devices according to the development of IoT technologies. However, it is difficult to implement the existing block ciphers such as AES, PRESENT, etc. on the IoT devices, because IoT devices have the resource-restricted environment. By this reason, there are light-weight block ciphers such as(More)
Embedded microprocessors are commonly used for future technologies such as Internet of Things(IoT), RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN). However, the microprocessors have limited computing power and storages so straight-forward implementation of traditional services on resource constrained devices is not recommenced. To overcome this problem, lightweight(More)