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Tractography using diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DT-MRI) is a method to determine the architecture of axonal fibers in the central nervous system by computing the direction of greatest diffusion in the white matter of the brain. To reduce the noise in DT-MRI measurements, a tensor-valued median filter, which is reported to be denoising and(More)
Double-talk detection errors can result in either large residual echo or distorting the near-end talkerpsilas input speech. Thus accurate double-talk detection is an important problem in the echo canceller to improve the speech quality. In the double-talk detection algorithm with the cross-correlation coefficient, detection errors can occur in the initial(More)
This paper addresses an important and challenging issue as how best to model nonlinear asymmetric dynamics and cross-sectional heterogeneity, simultaneously, in the dynamic threshold panel data framework, in which both threshold variable and regressors are allowed to be endogenous. Depending on whether the threshold variable is strictly exogenous or not, we(More)
Intact rock properties together with rock mass characteristics should be well investigated for selection of proper tunnel boring machine (TBM) for tunneling in various ground conditions. This is due to the significant impact of rock mass characteristics on machine performance. TBMs are site specific and designed for optimal performance in given ground(More)
Commercial metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor array system is generally subject to significant cross-sensitivity due to poor selectivity for different gases. This crosstalk greatly affects the accuracy of gas recognition and concentration measurement. In this paper, we explore the independent component analysis as a novel modeling technique to process the(More)
This paper deals with underwater target classification using synthesized active sonar signals. Firstly, we synthesized active sonar returns from 3D highlight model of underwater targets using the ray tracing algorithm. Then, we applied a multiaspect target classification scheme based on a hidden Markov model to classify them. For feature extraction from the(More)
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