Taehun An

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—In this paper, we propose a near maximum likelihood (ML) scheme for the decoding of multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) systems. By employing the metric-first search method, Schnorr–Euchner enumeration, and branch-length thresholds in a single frame systematically, the proposed technique provides efficiency that is higher than those of other conventional(More)
—We address detection schemes of spectrum sensing for cognitive radio with multiple receive antennas operating over a wideband channel composed of a multitude of subbands. By taking the observations in all subbands into consideration in the likelihood functions for sensing a subband, the test statistics of the proposed schemes are functions of the sample(More)
A pattern recognition (PR) system is addressed for non-intrusive appliance load monitoring. For the effective recognition of two home appliances (speciãcally, an electric iron and a cook top), we consider a novel feature extraction method employing higher order moments of power signals from the appliances. Through simulation results, we have conãrmed that(More)
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