TaeYoung Song

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Ubiquity of networked devices is one of the first steps toward realization of universal communication services. However, not much attention has been paid to the management architecture of the mashed-up services provided across the network domains. Absence of the scalable cross-domain network management architecture restricts the availability and penetration(More)
The spread of high-quality, user-generated content across broadband networks is motivating even more users to share their content over well-known Internet social network services (SNSs). SNSs have attracted attention as possibly the most useful social network infrastructure. However, the capacities of SNS servers have limited the quality and available time(More)
The home networking becomes more interesting if users can share high quality contents with friends and colleagues living away from the user. DLNA certified devices allow users to share or access digital media contents on the same home network. However, the sharing of the content is only limited inside local area networks. In this paper, we propose a global(More)
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