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VoIP market is growing fast and will replace a considerable portion of existing PSTN or 2G/3G which is under big trouble with spam calls. In VoIP, spam calls can be occurred more frequently because of its low cost and easy modification. In this paper, we propose user reputation based spam defense architecture which consists of four spam defense techniques.(More)
The purpose of the recent cyber-incidents and violations are social chaos and political purposes beyond a simple behavior such as personal show of and try to achieve the financial objectives. But analyses of the single cyber incident, because they cannot organically establish a connection with each cyber incident, have limits to find relations with other(More)
The majority of recent cyber incidents have been caused by malware. According to a report by Symantec, an average of one million malicious codes is found daily. Automated static and dynamic analysis technologies are generally applied to cope with this, but most of the new malicious codes are the mutants of existing malware. In this paper, we present(More)
TRUSTEES AUDITORS EDITORS Theoretical physics, the description of fundamental natural phenomena using mathematics, is something I love deeply and have invested a significant fraction of my life mastering and promoting. Nonetheless it is clear to me that the profession of theoretical physics is in trouble, and that some major rethinking of the business model(More)
A case of congenital tectal lipoma found incidentally at an autopsy is reported. This female fetus was a product of pregnancy termination at 24 weeks of gestational age after sonographic detection of hydrocephalus. Autopsy revealed a small mass in the periaqueductal portion. The mass was composed of adipose tissue, cartilage, and mature bony tissue with(More)
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