Tae-Young Lee

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Radiation pneumonitis is an unpredictable complication of radiotherapy for lung cancer and a condition which can cause significant morbidity. The ability to identify patients at a high risk of developing pneumonitis is critical, since it will enable the individualization of the treatment plan. Because the cytotoxic effect of radiation is propagated through(More)
TIP30 (30 kDa HIV-1 TAT-interacting protein), also called HTATIP2 or CC3, is a tumor suppressor protein that acts as an angiogenesis inhibitor. TIP30 blocks nuclear import of the mRNA-binding protein HuR, and thereby promotes the cytoplasmic accumulation of HuR by binding to importin-β, which is known to facilitate the cytoplasm-tonuclear transport of HuR.(More)
Micro-grid system, which is connected with power system, should not affect on power quality. Therefore, micro-grid system needs to control system to minimize effect of power quality. In this paper represents the measurement equipment for voltage/current of micro-grid system and the result. This system monitors the state of micro-grid system, such as steady(More)
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