Tae-Youl Yang

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The success of perovskite solar cells has sparked enormous excitement in the photovoltaic community not only because of unexpectedly high efficiencies but also because of the future potential ascribed to such crystalline absorber materials. Far from being exhaustively studied in terms of solid-state properties, these materials surprised by anomalies such as(More)
Hybrid organic-inorganic lead halide perovskite APbX3 pigments, such as methylammonium lead iodide, have recently emerged as excellent light harvesters in solid-state mesoscopic solar cells. An important target for the further improvement of the performance of perovskite-based photovoltaics is to extend their optical-absorption onset further into the red to(More)
By applying a multitude of experimental techniques including 1 H, 14 N, 207 Pb NMR and 127 I NMR/NQR, tracer diffusion, reaction cell and doping experiments, as well as stoichiometric variation, conductivity, and polarization experiments, iodine ions are unambiguously shown to be the mobile species in CH3 NH3 PbI3 , with iodine vacancies shown to represent(More)
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