Tae-Woong Kim

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BACKGROUND The role of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in the prediction of ischemic stroke in non-diabetic subjects is not clear. We performed a study to analyze the role of HbA1c in the risk prediction of ischemic stroke in non-diabetic Korean males adult. METHODS A total of 307 non-diabetic male patients with ischemic stroke were enrolled, and 253(More)
In order to breed a Cordyceps bassiana isolate that stably forms fruiting body in artificial cultivation, isolates derived from subculturing and single spores were tested through mating. From C. bassiana EFCC 783, three subcultured isolates EFCC 2830, EFCC 2831 and EFCC 2832 were obtained and fourteen single conidial isolates were obtained from these three(More)
Pigmentation of ascospore-derived isolates from seven different natural specimens of Cordyceps militaris EFCC C-5888, EFCC C-7159, EFCC C-7833, EFCC C-7991, EFCC C-8021, EFCC C-8023 and EFCC C-8179 was observed on the plates of Sabouraud Dextrose agar plus Yeast Extract at 25℃ under continuous illumination (500 lux). Pigmentation of the wild-type isolates(More)
A major structural inconsistency of the traditional curve number (CN) model is its dependence on an unstable fixed initial abstraction, which normally results in sudden jumps in runoff estimation. Likewise, the lack of pre-storm soil moisture accounting (PSMA) procedure is another inherent limitation of the model. To circumvent those problems, we used a(More)
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