Tae-Won Kang

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In a sender-initiated load balancing algorithms, overloaded processor continues to send unnecessary request messages for load transfer until underloaded processor is found while the system load is heavy. Therefore, it yields inefficient inter-processor communications, low CPU utilization, and low system throughput. To solve these problems, we propose an(More)
The underwater sensor network environment differs substantially from a terrestrial sensor network in the aspect of the communication medium so Acoustic communication is alternative, which is relatively very slow and narrow bandwidth compared with Radio Frequency. In this paper, we propose an underwater sensor network architecture and then present the(More)
In this paper, an adaptive constellation scheme for two-way relay communication systems with asymmetric channels is proposed. In this scheme, each node transmits codeword generated by the same turbo encoder to a relay node using different signal power and the relay node decodes the received codeword from each node. Then, the relay node re-encodes and(More)
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