Tae Won Jang

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INTRODUCTION The human genome encodes approximately 518 kinases, including 90 tyrosine kinases (TK) and 43 tyrosine-like kinases [1]. Phosphorylated tyrosine serves as a binding site for several signal transducers that initiate multiple signaling pathways, resulting in cell proliferation, migration, metastasis, resistance to apoptosis, and angiogenesis [2].(More)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) that is based on the science of photochemistry has been recognized as a lung sparing local therapeutic modality that can achieve remarkable responses. It is an alternative treatment for early stage lung cancer patients who have poor lung function or multiple sites of cancer. Recently we treated a 70-year-old man who presented with(More)
Autofluorescence bronchoscopy (AFB) is one of the newly developed diagnostic tools to detect the pre-cancerous lesions in the bronchial tissue. The utility of DLight/AFB in the detection of pre-cancerous lesions was compared to the standard white light bronchoscopy (WLB). In 113 patients (male 106, female 7), who visited hospital for evaluation of lung(More)
OBJECTIVES Despite a sharp increase in e-cigarette use, there is debate about whether e-cigarettes are a viable alternative for harm reduction, and the forms that regulation should take. Healthcare providers can be effective in offering guidance to patients and their families and shaping regulatory policy. We described lung cancer specialists' attitudes(More)
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is increasingly widely used in industrial, commercial and home products. TiO2 aggravates respiratory symptoms by induction of pulmonary inflammation although the mechanisms have not been well investigated. We aimed to investigate lung inflammation in rabbits after intratracheal instillation of P25 TiO2. One ml of 10, 50 and 250µg of(More)
The regenerative potential of adult tracheal cartilage is very limited which makes repair of this cartilage extremely challenging. However, the perichondrium has a large quantity of progenitor cells that differentiate directly into chondrocytes. Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) stimulates chondrogenesis by inducing the differentiation of progenitor cells(More)
We describe a patient with Churg-Strauss syndrome who developed unilateral anterior ischemic optic neuropathy. A 54-year-old man with a history of bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, and sinusitis presented with sudden decreased visual acuity in his right eye that had begun 2 weeks previously. The visual acuity of his right eye was 20 / 50. Ophthalmoscopic(More)
OBJECTIVE Subdural hygroma (SDG) is a complication occurring after head trauma that may occur secondary to decompressive craniectomy (DC). However, the mechanism underlying SDG formation is not fully understood. Also, the relationship between the operative technique of DC or the decompressive effect and the occurrence and pathophysiology of SDG has not been(More)
We aimed to compare the duration of survival among subjects receiving brachytherapy (BT) in combination with Nd:YAG laser therapy (LT), and those receiving LT or BT alone. The medical records of subjects who received endobronchial treatment for unresectable tracheobronchial malignancies between January 1997 and December 1999 in a single center were reviewed(More)
Thirty-nine patients with chronic HBV infection and 38 normal persons were investigated by simultaneous assay of T suppressor cell function and enumeration of T-lymphocyte subsets by monoclonal antibodies. In patients with chronic active hepatitis B (CAH-B), T suppressor cell activity (17.8 +/- 8.8%) was significantly lower than in healthy HBsAg carriers(More)
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